50' live from Zeleni Zajec (25.9.2013)
Gear: DIY drum machine, SH101, Poly800, Monotron Delay and some other effects.

50' live act recorded on 26.6.2013 with my DIY drum machine, Roland SH101, Monotron Delay and some other effects.

These songs were composed between 1999 and 2003 with Buzz (http://www.buzzmachines.com) except "Bet on me".

All electronic sounds from the Melodrom remix were done exclusively with Roland's SH -101, except for a kick and a snare.

The Lollobrigida remix won the first prize at the MTV competition Lollobrigida Remix.

"Un salto dalle mura di Pirano" was recorded live at MKSC in Koper on 18.11.2010.
Mitja Cerkvenik - guitar, synth
Miha Cočev - piano
Andrej Stupar - drums

Recorded at Koperground 2009.

"Con un piede nella fossa" is performed by Mitja Cerkvenik at the piano, Marko Sabadin making atmospheric sounds on the synth and Andrej Stupar on drum-pads. "Dalla camera ardente alla tomba" sees Sabadin playing the accordion, Stupar the violin, Cerkvenik the synth and Miha Cočev takes his place at the piano. The line-up changes again with "I teto", setting Cerkvenik on the classic guitar and Stupar back on drum-pads.

Photo by Aleš Rosa

Music composed for the short films "Souvenir d'Italia" and "Přestavka" by Črt Brajnik. 

Photo by Karim Shalaby

All songs were composed for the documentary "Umirajoča Tišina" (Dying Silence) except "La rinascita del boscarin".  The line-up:

Mitja Cerkvenik - classic guitar, synth, loops and sound manipulation
Marko Sabadin - accordion and classic guitar
Andrej Stupar - violin

Photo by Karim Shalaby